About Us

About Thilini Gunawardane 
I am a final year medical student and I’m currently doing my clinical rotations in a private hospital. A huge people-person, an open minded who spent several years in the field of Medicine. I am at my final year on Medicine and clinical rotations at a Hospital (Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital (NFTH).
My long term run is to be a consultant one day and serve everyone in need.
This has always been in my bucket list and I myself as a go-getter, will make my promisses and prove it to my self. Every-day I wake up knowing how little I know and I work for it. I learn, I use all my sources I have. Working online, I have gained so much experience and learned many things that a person should have in a working environment, time/project management, satisfying the client, meeting deadlines on time
About Dr. Omar Elashrii
I am working as an orthopedic surgeon and part-time medical writer. I graduated from Alexandria university medical school in 2014.
After I have finished my internship year, I worked as a family medicine health care unit first doctor for one year. Currently, orthopedic surgery is my field of interest and profession.